Holistic Therapy

  • Indian Head Massage – 45 Minutes

    Traditional scalp and back massage techniques are used in this intensive treatment. A great reliever of scalp, shoulder tension and headaches, the sinus drainage creates a total head clearing experience, which can help with ear blockages and cold like symptoms alike.

  • Reflexology – 75 Minutes

    Pressure point therapy is used to stimulate seven thousand nerve endings we have in our feet. By stimulating these, we can stimulate the internal bodily system to assist in treating ailments or to simply give someone a feeling of deep relaxation and contentment

  • Hopi Ear Candle – 60 Minutes

    Derived from the Hopi Indians many years ago, this treatment is superb for anyone with headache, hearing, or sinus problems. Aromatherapy infused candles are used along with a scalp or back massage to clear the whole, head, nose and ear area.